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Image: Silence: Seeking Solitude #5 | 2015 © Nancy Crow | 96 x 93
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• August 9-12, 2018 | Birmingham, England
The Festival of Quilts 2018
Interview with Nancy
This special solo exhibition showcases the results of artist and quilt maker Nancy Crow’s determination to learn the art of mono-printing using Procion MX thickened dyes on cotton cloth. After first learning how to mono-print in a class taught by English artist, Claire Benn, Nancy acted on a long held desire to commence “drawing” on fabric. Nancy had taught drawing (on paper) while in graduate school and understood that it had an immediacy that could be exhilarating. After years of machine-piecing, her preferred approach to quilt making, she found it often laborious and wanted to experience results more quickly. To start the process of understanding the intricacies of mono-printing, Nancy set up parameters for herself on how to approach this new medium that included both a very set 9am-8pm daily studio schedule and abstinence from computers and phones. She drilled into herself that only the mono-printing could absorb her 24/7, that there would be no focus on anything else during each two month time allocation. Over two years she produced more than 200 mono-prints, most never shown before. The 75 drawings on exhibit include very small early pieces along with tall major works. They are hung in sequence so viewers can follow her progress as the works become covered with vastly more intense mark-making due to her playing with iterations in size & value scales. Nancy considers these works to be quilted drawings. Currently she is again working on machine-piecing in her studio on her 100 acre farm in rural Ohio. She will have a major solo show at The University of Nebraska in 2019.

• July 17- September 22, 2018 | Columbus, OH
Urban Arts Space | The Ohio State University
Invitational exhibition curated by Anne Keener

Color Improvisations II is an exhibition of contemporary quilts curated by Nancy Crow. The exhibition includes 50 spectacular large-format quilts by 44 artists from Canada, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland and the United States. The project grew out of Crow’s interest in celebrating the “…majesty, strength and energy of large textile works, specifically large quilts.” All of the quilts in the exhibition are abstract compositions that were machine-pieced and quilted, primarily from hand-dyed fabrics.
The exhibition premiered at the Museum Tuch+Technik in Germany in 2016, and has subsequently been shown in Spain, Switzerland and France. Note: some of the upcoming venues will display 25 works, and not all 50 quilts. 

Venues & dates:
• October 13, 2018-January 20, 2019 | Harrisburg, PA
The Susquehanna Art Museum
Artist Talk & Gallery Tour: Gerri Spilka

• July 13-October 13, 2019 | Huntington, WV
The Huntington Museum of Art

• January 4-March 29, 2020 | Springfield, OH
The Springfield Museum of Art

Previous venues:
• May 30-September 23, 2018 | Toronto, Canada
Textile Museum of Canada

Color Improvisations II website

This touring exhibition organized by the Muskegon Museum of Art & curated by Nancy Crow, showcases some of the best machine-piecing and quilting being done today. The quilts improvise around the Bull’s Eye pattern: a four quadrant design with a bull’s eye at the center of each quarter. Color and design become the focus of a dazzling array of quilts. The artists were challenged to create artworks that stretched the possibilities of the machine-pieced quilt and conveyed a sense of energy and excitement. Participating artists come from across the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. The exhibition opened at the Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan in August 2016.

• December 15, 2018-March 10, 2019 | Greensburg, PA
The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

• A limited number of catalogues for Circular Abstractions & Color Improvisations 2 will be available at the Crow Timber Frame Barn during the 2018 art retreats.